Just what is a professional condo? 

“Leasehold condominium” means a condominium in all or any portion of which each unit owner owns an estate for years in his unit, or in the land within which that unit is situated, or both, with all such leasehold interests due to expire naturally at the same time. A condominium including leased land, or an interest in such land, within which no units are situated or to be situated is not a leasehold condominium within the meaning of this chapter. 90 percent of fire and water restoration contractors are sold fundamentally defective general liability insurance programs for fungi/mold/bacteria/Category 3 water remediation related job sites. Yes, you read that right, technically all claims from these job sites become excluded by the fungi/bacteria exclusion in the GL policy, not just claims arising from actual exposure to these contaminates. Even the highest quality CEL policy cannot fix this fundamental coverage flaw in the general liability insurance policy.

  • The trustee shall deliver to the purchaser a trustee’s deed conveying the unit with special warranty of title.
  • Smart city projects like Samayan and Urban planning are going to create Bangkok’s very own mini Silicon Valley, making it a wonderful home for innovation and other start-up ventures.
  • Review highlights of the law, including tenants have a period of time to purchase on terms and conditions the same or more favorable than those extended to the general public.
  • The loan provides KDS with additional time to sell the condo units and maximize proceeds.
  • In addition no expense was spared with this build out consisting of 2 executive offices, 6 private offices, 2 conference rooms, full eat in pantry and open space to seat 45 employees.
  • With over 100 different environmental insurance policies to choose from, certainly there is a good match of insurance coverage for any type of insurance buyer.

Do not send any privileged or confidential information to the firm through this website. Click “accept” below to confirm that you have read and understand this notice. Located on East 50th between Park and Lexington; this 5,284 SF space consists of 3 glass fronted offices that stand at the perimeter of the space herein, 1 glass conference room, and an open work area able to accommodate 30+ staff. This unit is a double corner unit facing both East and South, with a strong elevator presence and a high ratio of windows giving off excellent natural light. A disposition of a unit by a sale at auction when the resale certificate was made available as part of the auction package for prospective purchasers prior to the auction. “Receives,” “received,” or “receiving” the resale certificate means that the purchaser or purchaser’s authorized agent has received the resale certificate by one of the methods specified in this article.

Your Complete Guide To Hiring A Property Manager

It goes without saying that these types of damages can be widespread and extremely costly, which makes pursuing personal condo insurance a sound decision. Especially in cases involving water damage, there might be several different insurance policies that come together to help cover the cost of repairs. As described above, personal condo insurance covers personal belongings, personal liability, and unit improvements. This way, if a visitor gets injured inside a condo unit, the owner’s policy would cover their treatment. Note that it only covers the fixtures that were original to the unit.

Condominium Vs Apartment

A home owners association is a group that directs, manages and enforces the rules of the condominium as spelled out in the Declaration of Trust. By buying in a condominium you are automatically are a member of the HOA. Depending on the region—and especially in high-risk areas—many states have subsidized insurance pools that provide appropriate coverages to residents. When you have questions, visit FEMA’s website for information on common natural disasters, history in certain areas, and urgent alerts. When an HOA is part of a master association, the lender is required to evaluate whether the subject property’s HOA members are required to participate in a mandatory membership that is managed through the master association.

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And the building is often run by a management company, saving entrepreneurs the headaches of operating a building as well as their own business. If the building is new construction with no occupants, your calculations may be a little easier. You can also create a condominium out of an existing occupied building with current tenants.

Are Condos Good Investments?

You have the time of your life going to different places, seeing the… Also, there are also coverage levels that extend some protections to the interior of the units themselves. He said it took their group almost seven years to launch its second project because it took longer than expected to find the right parcel of land and to obtain the necessary approvals. He said he’s been approached by several other developers, some from outside the province, who are interested in doing a commercial-condo project here.

Bedroom Condo In Bangkok

One plus is increased ownership rights compared to renting or leasing equivalent space. Rental properties are always under the control of a landlord, which means that monthly rent could be raised or the lease terminated with short notice to the tenant. By owning the space, companies in condiminiums can avoid such surprises. The monthly mortgage should remain relatively stable over the life of the loan.

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