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What you should know about us

The company UPM has been an active participant in the real estate market in Canada since 2004. Since 2011, we have been providing a full range of residential and commercial property management services for individuals and companies of owners. We are a small company, but we believe that this is our main advantage. Our team is a close-knit and time-tested team that is able to solve the most complex problems related to real estate in Alberta and the region. Each of our employees is a specialist with many years of experience.

Ultimate Property Management

Our advantages

  • We are a real estate agency and we know everything about the real estate market in Alberta
  • For many years we have been daily engaged in renting, selling and investing in real estate. Constant monitoring and analysis allows us to always be aware of real prices.
  • Correctly determine the most efficient use of the object.
  • As a rule, we offer and receive the best market rent.
  • We always get paid only for the result (% of the rent received).
  • Our experience in real estate – 17 years, as a management company – 10 years.
  • You can manage your property yourself, but with us you will get more